Coming Soon: DNSWatchGO and Passport

11 September 2019

WatchGuard DNSGo

With the highly anticipated release of DNSWatchGO just around the corner, WatchGuard wanted to give you an update! For those who haven’t participated in the WatchGuard Beta, DNSWatchGO is a user-focused service that provides DNS-level protection and content filtering that keeps your customers' businesses safe from phishing, ransomware, and other attacks even when the user is outside of the network. It’s lightweight, always-on security that doesn’t require a VPN.

Additional benefits of DNSWatchGO:

  • DNS-level detection, providing an additional layer of security to block connections to the bad guys
  • Automatically protects end users from phishing attacks and C2 connections
  • Content filtering that limits access to risky areas of the web with 130 pre-defined blocking categories
  • Provides immediate security education to heighten end user awareness after an attack

WatchGuard are excited to announce that DNSWatchGO will be officially available on October 1, 2019. But, there’s more!
Introducing Passport

The addition of DNSWatchGO to the WatchGuard portfolio enables you to offer a unique set of user-focused security services that address some of the most pressing security concerns businesses see every day. As part of our commitment to simplicity we are creating an easy-to-buy bundle of user-focused services called Passport. Passport can help your customers authenticate their users, keep them safe on the Internet, and keep their endpoint free of malware, anywhere in the world.

What’s Included in Passport?

Passport will include DNSWatchGO, AuthPoint, and, in the near future, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) features. We’ll launch Passport at a promotional price until such a time as the EDR capabilities are included, so customers will get a better value if they act fast.

That’s just the beginning! Additional services will be added as WatchGuard continues to evaluate the best way to provide complete protection for your team wherever they go. Any new services added to the existing Passport bundle will be automatically included with their purchase.

Stay tuned for more information about DNSWatchGO and Passport as we near the launch of both on October 1, 2019.