End-of-Life Extension for First Generation Firebox

19 October 2022

WatchGuard is announcing an extension to the end-of-life (EOL) date for the Firebox T10, T10-W, T30, T30-W, T50, T50-W, M200, M300, M400, and M500 network security appliances. We work hard to ensure a consistent supply chain to meet all customers' needs, and this new EOL date enables more flexibility in upgrade project planning. 

Updated Milestones

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New and existing customers should consider the latest Firebox T20, T20-W, T40, T40-W, T80, M290, M390, M590, and M690 models. These versatile products range from the tabletop T  Series – supporting a few users with simple networking needs – to the more powerful rackmount M Series that is optimal for growing networks of up to 1,000 users.

When trading in 1st generation Firebox hardware, use the suggested migration path to determine the best replacement product. Note that the 1st generation products will be fully supported through the new EOL date. WatchGuard recognizes that some partners and customers may have questions about how this announcement changes license entitlements. To help answer those questions, review this FAQ or contact your WatchGuard sales team.

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WatchGuard is committed to delivering industry-leading products and services to keep our customers secure. If you have questions about the information in this announcement, please reach out to your WatchGuard contact.

Visit the WatchGuard End of Life Policy page for additional information.