WatchGuard HealthCheck

Ensure you are getting the best out of your WatchGuard Firewall with our remote HealthCheck.
Manufacturer: Bromleynet
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WatchGuard Firewalls have been designed to give your network the best protection available against today's increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. As with most things though your firewall will only protect you if it has been configured correctly.

Regardless of whether you are new to WatchGuard, have just taken over management of a firewall or are a sessioned professional looking for an extra pair of eyes, our HealthCheck will give you an honest report of your current set up. We check everything from Firmware version and policy configurations through to usage of security supscriptions and logging, providing you with a report at the end with recommendations on how to get even more out of your WatchGuard Firewall.

Our HealthCheck includes:

  • Firmware version check
  • Review of policy set
  • Check all active security subscriptions are configured and working as required
  • Ensure appropriate logging is enabled for trouble shooting and/or network management
  • Check WatchGuard Dimension is providing the reports you require
    or Demo and free 30day trial of WatchGuard Dimension on our secure platform
  • Detailed report of current state of your configuration with improvement recommendations where appropriate 

We also offer a 10% discount on any support time, if you would like us to implement any of the recommendations following your HealthCheck.

Order your Healthcheck today and one of our team will be in touch to arrange a convenient time. Or call us on 03300 881114 for a free, no-obligation 15min SpotCheck.