WatchGuard's acquisition of Percipient Networks

17 January 2018

On January 17, 2018, WatchGuard announced acquisition of Percipient Networks, a developer of simple, affordable, automated security solutions for small and mid size organisations.

Percipient Networks’ flagship product, Strongarm, stops phishing and malware attacks by offering an easy to deploy, security focused Domain Name System (DNS) service. Integrated into WatchGuard’ security platform, Strongarm will further improve the security efficacy of our existing malware protection techniques,increase the value of the company’s popular Total Security Suite (TSS),and become a key element in the evolution of WatchGuard’s cloud security offering.

Today WatchGuard blocks access to dangerous sites based on a feed of known malicious URLs and also allow customers to block traffic to potentially risky sites via category blocking.

Once integrated, the new service, based on the Strongarm technology, will add blocking based on known malicious domains, as well as, when domain spoofing is detected. Furthermore, by monitoring requests at the domain level, we will be extending our DNS filtering capabilities to all ports and protocols, providing customers with the strongest possible protection from the widest variety threats.

The new service will be generally available as part of WatchGuard’s all-in-one security package, Total Security Suite, in an upcoming release of Fireware. All active Total Security Suite customers will gain immediate access to the new feature at no additional charge with the simple check of a box.

You can gain early access to the new service later this month, via the WatchGuard Beta Program. Both WatchGuard and Percipient Networks proudly tout a commitment to serving customers through the delivery of sophisticated simplicity, enabling all organizations to deploy enterprise-grade security.

This powerful combination of complementary technologies and best-in-class talent will expand WatchGuard solutions and accelerate innovation for all our customers here at Bromleynet Limited.

WatchGuard and bromleynet greatly appreciate your business and believe this transaction reinforces their commitment to constant innovation, enabling our customers to always be one step ahead of the next generation of security threats.

Bromleynet's WatchGuard Team at are at hand to answer any questions or advice that you may require.