WebBlocker is a fully integrated security subscription for WatchGuard appliances. It allows IT administrators to manage web access and content for stronger security and control of web surfing. WebBlocker blocks malicious sites to keep your network protected from risky web content. It helps conserve network bandwidth, prevent legal liability from inappropriate content, and increase employee productivity while it guards the network against malicious attacks from rogue websites. And because WebBlocker is integrated with the WatchGuard security appliance, you have an easy-to-manage, cost-effective solution with no additional hardware to buy.

  • Strong Administrative Control
    Configure over 130 web categories to stop the sites and web tools you most want to block.
  • URL Database is Hosted in the Cloud
    This simplifies setup and administration while providing continuous, up-to-the-minute protection.
  • Detect and Prevent Botnets
    Filter and block traffic to Command and Control and Dynamic DNS sites that are used by advanced malware.
  • Comprehensive Security
    20 security categories can block a wide range of threats and harmful content, including spyware, phishing, malicious websites, and even unauthorized mobile marketplaces.
  • Flexible Configuration
    Configure web access by users, groups, domains, time of day, and department requirements to meet specific business and user needs.
  • Customizable Open-Access Policies
    Create custom "Allowed" exception lists for certain web sites, host addresses, or URLs so you can keep mission-critical access open.
  • Local Override
    Administrators can enter a password to temporarily override blocked sites.
  • Acceptable Use Enforcement
    Allows you to enforce your acceptable use policies to protect your business from legal liabilities.
  • Centralized Logging and Reporting
    Generate graphical reports of web access, usage, and time of day for the data you need to make security policy decisions.
  • Cost Effective Solution
    Priced per appliance, one WebBlocker subscription provides network-wide protection for all users configured behind your security solution.